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What is Barre!?

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

What is Barre? And How Can It Help Me?

Barre is becoming more and more popular due to it’s amazing benefits. Barre tones, strengthens, increases flexibility, posture, core strength, contributes to weight-loss, increases overall athleticism and buil long lean muscle. It’s a total body workout using the Barre to balance that is designed to target specific muscle groups. It’s not Ballet, but it is based on the workouts that Ballet dancers do at the “Barre.” A Barre class also incorporates Pilates, yoga and strength-training elements. So, you’ll do some “plies and releves” but you might also do some squats, yogawork on mats, hand weights, and stretch and resistance bands.

Our teacher, Natasha demonstrating proper form.

“What are the benefits of Barre?” This is my favorite question as there are SO MANY BENEFITS!

One of the coolest things about barre is that it is accessible to a so many people because its kind to your joints. You’ll find that in a Barre class, there are a lot of small, very controlled movements, called isometric movements. These types of movements are incredibly effective because they work muscles to their max (the shake!) and at the same time they reduce pressure on joints, tendons, ligaments and the spine. One of the first things you’ll notice after you take a Barre class is improved posture and a “centered” feeling. Our teachers stress the importance of good posture and core strength not only because you are working your midsection and getting a great core workout, but because strength in your core also protects you from injury. Correct posture also prevents inury from occurring, and takes stress off of joints.

A unique advantage of Barre are the muscle-specific benefits it brings to women after having children including weakened pelvic floor muscles, a weakened core and Diastasis Recti. Diastasis recti, that separation in the stomach muscles after childbirth, is a common complaint of mothers who have had children. Diastasis Recti can cause backpain, hip and pelvic pain. The types of isometric movements used in Barre can close this abdominal gap, decreasing backpain and other ailments caused by a weak core and weakened pelvic floor muscles. Barre addresses both of these hard-to-work muscle groups.

The best part about Barre is that it is so much fun! Here at Studio Bliss, our Barre instructors are trained classical ballet dancers with a plethora of exercise science experience. Barre and exercise is their passion! They are motivated and passionate about helping people reach their goals. With fun music and choreographed exercises, they make this class the best workout you've ever had! Their training allows them to modify the movements so that Barre is accessible to everyone at every level. We also offer private lessons for that individual attention or for those people that need a little extra help or modifications and aren't quite ready to try it in a group setting.

Ready to try Barre and experience some of these benefits for yourself? Check out our class schedule and register today. We can’t wait to Barre with you!

Join us at Studio Bliss for our Barre Class!

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